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Accept cryptocurrency and bank transfers with a one-click checkout experience designed for e-commerce websites and in-store payments.

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Why Use RocketFuel

Because we offer the best bank transfer and crypto payment solution in the market.

Low Transaction Fees

The lowest in the industry! Save on Fees!

Easy Refunds

Approve Shopper Refund Requests Through Our Advanced Merchant Dashboard at No Additional fees

No Crypto Volatility Risk

Crypto volatility never affects settlements; Always get $100 for your $100 product

No Chargebacks and Declines

Eliminate chargebacks. Enjoy frictionless sales and no fraud or ID theft.

User-Friendly Payment Interface

1-Click Checkout with No Redirects

Support for Native Mobile and Web Applications

Your Shoppers can use RocketFuel through both web and mobile apps

Support for Crypto and Bank Transfers

We Support 120+ crypto though all popular wallets and exchange, as well as Bank Transfers

Feature-Rich Merchant Dashboard

Manage your funds, send invoices and track customer payments; all in one easy interface!

Shopper benefits

1-Click Checkout, Yay!

Simply the easiest way to shop with Crypto & Bank Transfers

Sign Up Once, Shop Anywhere

Eliminate multiple accounts, login details, passwords and usernames

Shop Worldwide

Buy from store in China, done!
Buy from store in Egypt, done!
No declines, no buying restrictions. Just smiles

No Money Stored

The App is not an eWallet and funds are not administratively held

Data Protection

Personal data protected. Zero exposure of spending authority


All smartphones supported

About The Company

RocketFuel is global payments processing company offering highly efficient one-click check-out solutions using Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and bank transfers to merchants and their customers.

RocketFuel’s solution focuses on enhanced customer privacy protection eliminating the risk of data breach while improving speed, security and ease of use. Users are able to enjoy seamless check-out using their favorite cryptocurrencies or direct bank transfers and forget the clunky cart paradigm of the past. Merchants are able to implement new impulse buying schemes and generate new sales channels unavailable in current eCommerce solutions.

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Easiest way to pay with Crypto & Bank Transfers !

Merchants Enjoy
  • Lower Fees
  • 1-Click checkout process with ZERO redirects
  • Access to shoppers worldwide with no region/network censorship, and
  • Higher Customer satisfaction
Shoppers enjoy
  • Easiest 1-click checkout
  • Never having to share personal information
  • Not having to create accounts on every online store, and
  • Ease of use
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