Why Use RocketFuel

Because we offer the best crypto payment solution in the market

Accepting Crypto Payments with Zero Fees

How can RocketFuel  do “zero fees” payment processing?

Today, the payment industry makes money from multiple revenue streams: Merchant transaction fees (3-8%), Credit (15-20%), Exchange rates, Loyalty programs, “Buy now pay later”, Marketing data, various kickbacks, and more. Similarily, Rocketfuel also makes money from some of these revenue streams. However, because our solution is based on modern technologies like blockchain and crypto currencies, we get the benefits of increased security, no fraud, no chargebacks, no declines, and overall improved efficiency. Consequently, our costs are lower and we have chosen to reduce one of these revenue streams to zero.

For our partners who sign up merchants with us, we’re 100% transparent: Through our partner management dashboard, partners have full visibility into all revenue generated from their merchants incl their share (commission).


Are there any other fees associated with using RocketFuel Payment Solutions?

How do I create an account with RocketFuel?

Which currencies are supported by RocketFuel?

What are the key differences between RocketFuel and its competitors?


*Zero fees include no transaction and processing fees. However, merchants are responsible for all third party fees involved with banks and crypto exchanges as well as a one-time underwriting fee required for account creation with RocketFuel. This is a promotional offer and is only valid for applications received and approved before 12/26/21.

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