What are NFT's and why the hype around it? Come join us to understand NFT's, creating and NFT, security challenges, tax implications and how can one go about purchasing one... in case you do have millions to spend! The panel will also take a quick look at the process 3Lau followed for his record breaking sale on Origin Protocol platform. Take aways from the session will focus on why/how these next-gen tools will disrupt the current status-quo in Film, TV and Music industry and why these new business models are here to stay for both artists and fans.

Panel Members include: Josh Frazer (CEO, Origin Protocol), Ryan Patel (Contributor CNN/Fox), Peter Jensen (CEO RocketFuel), Elissa Shevinksy (CTO, CoinTelegraph) and Kurt Kumar (Moderator)

You are able to purchase a Tesla with Bitcoin, wouldnt it be nice if you could purchase a plane ticket or pay for your tax accounting services with Crypto as well? Welcome to Rocketfuels global payment processing solution that allows you to shop online with Bitcoin or with 40+ other cryptocurrencies. It is SIMPLY THE FASTEST WAY TO PAY WITH CRYPTO. The panel discussion walks through the pain points faced by merchants today and how Rocketfuels solution helps pave the way for increased sales and lower fees while improving speed, security and ease of use never seen before with Crypto payments.

Panel Members include: Randy Alleyne (CEO, Sky Tours), Peter Jensen (CEO, RocketFuel), Vamshi Vangapally (CEO, Bear Tax), Rohan Hall (CTO, RocketFuel) and Kurt Kumar (Moderator)

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