Loyalty Program

RocketFuel Web3 Loyalty Program is redefining the way shoppers earn and redeem loyalty benefits. Shoppers earn blockchain-based tokens instead of points. It's a better system for both customers and merchants because it allows shoppers to earn rewards that work at every merchant participating in the program, while merchants can use NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to enhance their loyalty experiences.

  • Shoppers earn blockchain-based tokens instead of coins
  • Shoppers redeem their tokens for rewards and discounts
  • Shoppers can withdraw coins as cash and swap to other tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Merchants can use NFTs to enhance the shopper's loyalty experience
  • Merchants can market to all the loyalty program members, which may lead to additional customers and sales
  • RocketFuel Loyalty Program is in limited beta. Please register your interest and reach out to us to learn more.
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