Crypto Invoicing

No Website, No Problem!

Our dashboard and API features Invoicing with Crypto and Bank/ACH Payments Acceptance.

Crypto Invoicing Screenshot

Rocketfuel’s platform generates desktop and mobile friendly invoices that can be sent directly to your customers via email, or generate a link to send with an existing email through your existing invoicing product that simply populates our hosted checkout.

  • Customers can Pay via Bank/ACH or Crypto via Wallet or Crypto Exchange
  • Invoices can also Generate QR codes that customers can scan to complete the transaction from their existing Crypto Wallets
  • Crypto Transactions are settled immediately in Fiat to avoid volatility (Crypto Payouts available on demand), get paid in 2 to 3 business days
  • ACH Transactions are settled immediately and funds typically clear within 3 business days
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