Why Use RocketFuel

Because we offer the best crypto payment solution in the market

Low Merchant Fees

No transaction, monthly or chargeback fees ever!

Easy Refunds

Approve Shopper Refund Requests Through Our Advanced Merchant Dashboard at No Additional fees

No Crypto Volatility Risk

Crypto volatility never affects settlements; Always get $100 for your $100 product

No Chargebacks and Declines

Eliminate chargebacks. Enjoy frictionless sales and no fraud or ID theft.

User-Friendly Payment Interface

1-Click Checkout with No Redirects

Support for Native Mobile and Web Applications

Your Shoppers can use RocketFuel through both web and mobile apps

Support for Crypto and Bank Transfers

We Support 120+ crypto through all popular wallets and exchanges, as well as Bank Transfers

Feature-Rich Merchant Dashboard

Manage your funds, send invoices and track customer payments; all in one easy interface!

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