Why RocketFuel’s Loyalty Program Token is Bound to Succeed


RocketFuel is a worldwide payments solution provider that offers online shoppers a quick, one-click checkout experience that accepts bank transfers, Bitcoin, and 160+ cryptocurrencies. RocketFuel provides a highly secure and efficient shopping cart experience for merchants with much lower rates and the benefits of no chargebacks and no card rejects.

RocketFuel Blockchain Inc. introduced its loyalty token ($Rpay) in conjunction with ACI Worldwide, one of its largest merchant processing partners. ACI conducts billions of transactions per month and its clients include: ADIDAS, IKEA, Domino’s Pizza and several airlines, among others. Currently, the loyalty program token is on beta and is being tested with a handful of ACI customers.

RocketFuel's $Rpay token serves as the foundation of the RocketFuel loyalty program, which was launched in October 2022, and will be used to pay for offers in the loyalty program and elsewhere.

The loyalty program was created in partnership with numerous payment processing partners who execute billions of payment transactions for millions of customers each month, assuring maximum distribution and usage for the $Rpay token across millions of loyalty program users.


How Rocketfuel Loyalty Program is Worthy

Facility for Everyone


The world's first crypto payments loyalty program will benefit both merchants and shoppers. Shoppers will receive $Rpay tokens on all purchases, regardless of payment method, and can redeem them with participating merchants on RocketFuel's marketplace. Tokens are simply transferable, shareable, and sellable.

Using modern blockchain and NFT technologies, merchants may target and promote their goods and services to all RocketFuel loyalty program members. The timing of the RocketFuel loyalty program is significant since the industry is transitioning to more modern Web3 and Metaverse technologies.

Potential to Gain Value

RocketFuel’s CEO claimed that the $Rpay token is designed to increase in value. There will only be 1 billion tokens in the market, and just through our affiliation with ACI Worldwide, it is expected to produce 5 million members and 5K merchants. Millions of shoppers earning and redeeming the $Rpay token regularly ensure high utilization.

RocketFuel intends to employ $Rpay for future financial services, such as locking the tokens as part of a credit or loan issuing program while remaining fully compliant with the financial and legal standards of the locations in which it operates.

Rocketfuel is a spearheader in the loyalty program payment space and provides as many solutions as possible for consumers and merchants. The token thus has the potential to increase its value over time as opposed to loyalty program points from airlines, hotels and other businesses that lose their value and disappear if you don’t use them by a certain date.

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