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Introduce your merchants to RocketFuel's volatility-proof cryptocurrency payment solution and earn a commission on every transaction they process.

RocketFuel’s partner dashboard provides complete transparency of your merchants’ businesses. Analyze total transaction volume across merchants, drill down on each merchant’s data, see your share of revenue generated from your merchants, and more.

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Are you a good fit?

RocketFuel partners with forward-thinking organizations who enable technology for clients looking to deploy payment processing solutions or integrate cryptocurrency into their existing payment processing technology stack. You're a good fit if you:


Provide payment gateways or merchant bank accounts for other businesses. 

Create websites or web applications that require payment procesing solutions. 

Build new technology that would benefit from accepting cryptocurrency. 


RocketFuel takes the risk out of cryptocurrency payments, for you and your clients. 

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Earn commission on every sale through RocketFuel gateways you deploy.

Expand your offerings with the most advanced payment technology. 

Offer a reliable solution for the unique payment needs of your clients.

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Learn more about our flexible commission structure and how your business can benefit from offering cryptocurrency payment solution implementation. 

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